Pastor’s Corner 10/28/2021 “BALANCE IS IMPORTANT”

Pastor’s Corner

I received a letter wanting me to attend a big-time luncheon in town. I thought about it, and prayed about it. All of the “movers and shakers” will be there. The invite was from an outstanding organization. There was one problem, I didn’t feel called to attend. We often rush and rush to be everywhere for everyone this time of year. We usually say yes to every invite. We try to be all things to all people. We shouldn’t. One of the most important things we can have is a healthy walk with the Lord and balance in our lives. Knowing when to say “no” is a matter of discernment. Here’s another problem, many times when we say no, we feel bad about it. Sometimes for days. Maybe things will be different for me this year, maybe I really just want to spend time finding people who don’t know how close a church family can be. Maybe that is where your heart is. Maybe my longing for the lost is greater now than hanging out with the “connected”.  Maybe it always should have been. Maybe my heart has stopped asking about the “curb appeal” of an invite.

When Paul said that he had “become all things to all people”, it really is for us to be like that for one reason, to win someone to Jesus. (1 Cor. 9:22) Something tells me that most of the crowd for that luncheon that I mentioned above is the churched leaders who love Jesus. One thing is for sure with most event type of luncheons, suits and ties will be everywhere. Maybe that is exactly why I didn’t feel like attending this year. I am not put on planet earth to play the “church comparison” game with other church leaders. I have been to the fancy buildings before, I have suited up to look good more times than I can count. I have been to luncheons and dinners with big wigs before. Heck, I have prayed twice over our Alabama State House to open session for goodness sakes. None of that appeals to me now. Maybe my heart has moved away from a place of self-promotion and maybe it just longs to be normal and balanced this season. Maybe that is where you are. Maybe this is the year that you say, “no, I’m not going to try to fit that in” to an already hectic calendar. Maybe this is the year that we fill that space and time with family at home or with our Lakeview church family, and reaching the unchurched with our time. Paul, in the above verse mentioned, was not talking about pleasing everyone, he was talking about fishing for people.  Enjoy your family more than ever this season. Also enjoy your church family more than ever this season and invite others to our church. Say no to somethings that doesn’t involve reaching the lost.

So I said “no” this year. Sounds selfish doesn’t it. Why? Because we are all guilty of trying to be all things to all people for the wrong reasons. If you’re going to run with a crazy calendar this year, make sure it is to win some people to your Jesus, and then you will be helping the weak become strong. Which is exactly what we all have been called to do. Nothing wrong with civic dinners, there is just more balance if we save our energy for the lost and unchurched.

Until the nets are full,