Pastor’s Corner 3/28/2022 “THE LIGHT BEFORE US”


Years ago, my youngest daughter was training for an upcoming Track season. One evening, we drove up to the track at Guntersville High School. It was very dark. None of the normal lights were on. The light from the parking lot was simply not bright enough to see well.

While she was stretching, I decided to walk the track to make sure no obstacles were in her way. Light reveals things, yes even your obstacles. I removed a hurdle that was left in her training lane. Light is a big deal for the believer. It guides. It guards. It grows us.

In John 8:12, Jesus spoke to the people and said, “ I am the Light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” I thought about all of the nights that my daughter, Bradley, would train. During the summer, it’s too hot to train during the day so she would train after sundown. Many days, she would also train as the sun was rising. Throughout all her training, that one night stands out the most. A loving father went before her to look for hazards; to protect her from harm. This is God’s nature. He goes before us, even when things seem dark.

When speaking of the coming Messiah, Isaiah declared that “the people living in the land of deep darkness, a Light has dawned”. ( Is. 9:2b)  What does this mean for us as to the Nature of God? It means that God does His best work in the dark, yes, when we are surrounded by it. He is there, going before us, looking for hazards. He either removes them or makes our hearts aware of them. Maybe that’s what is so amazing about the Light in your life and in mine.

Light reveals… It’s what it does.

Until the nets are full,


Pastor’s Corner 3/24/2022 “MOMENTS”


I spend a lot of my time reading. I am reading (for a second time) The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die, by Dr. John Izzo. Chapter 6 is titled, “Living in The Moment”. In that chapter, He talks about a guy that he calls “John the painter”. John is 93 and is about to turn 94. He said that he likes to tell people that he is about to turn 94 as a 7 year old child would who is about to turn 8. Then John the painter said this to Dr. Izzo, “ever since I turned 90, I have this great appreciation for each day.” He talked about mortality and the limited number of years he had left and how his awareness had begun to shape his daily experience. He said, “Heck, when you get to be my age, you are constantly wondering how much longer you will live, and it gives you great thankfulness and perspective.” The Scriptures guide us to think like this at any age. I immediately think of my reading in James Chapter 4, “What is your life, you are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” (Verse 14) We know that we are like the grass, green one day and then blown into the wind. This is a great season at Lakeview as we are heading toward Easter. We are very much an alive congregation.  We are intentional about serving, study time, helping new people find their place, and feeling the love of our family. I just want to tell you to take it in and don’t take it for granted. We are so blessed to be where we are and blessed to have a strong church family. Thank God for these things and do live in the moment of each “hello” and “welcome” because like seasons, things change. We know that we do in fact, go home when it’s time. Don’t wait until you’re 90 to take in the moments of each day.

Cherish each day and each person in it.

Until the nets are full,