Pastor’s Corner 5/27/2022 “PRAYING AWAY THE FEAR”

A lot of people are in fear of the future, but should we be?


I just preached on God’s unseen hand. More specifically that He has guided you and that we are not just randomly floating along in the galaxy.

We need to not only remember who we are in Christ but also whose we are.  Take on a “thankful” attitude. You are a child of a King!

Isaiah 58:11,12 are a few favorite verses of mine in times of trial or uncertainty.  When I pray it, I like to say it this way back to God:

“Dear Lord, you will guide me always. You, Lord, will satisfy my needs even in a sun torched land. You will strengthen me, Lord. You will strengthen both my physical body, and my soul, my walk, my relationship to You. You Lord will grow me like a well-watered garden. Within me Lord because of your love is a spring of living water that will never run dry.         I will be a rebuilder for You Lord and will strive to stay true to you Word and Your ways. I will repair the broken and will be your restorer.”

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Take some time and pray those exact words. Now you are ready for the world!











Until the nets are full,