During his short time on this earth, one of the most humbling things that Jesus did was to wash the dirty feet of his disciples.  This was a task that was normally done by the lowest servant or slave in the household.

In June, the Disciple IV class completed it’s 32 weeks study and concluded the class with a foot washing experience. Each person washed the feet of another classmate and subsequently had their feet washed.  During that time there were words of encouragement and prayers were exchanged.  Everyone found it to be a very humbling and touching experience.

Pastor’s Corner 6/28/2022 “NOW IS THE TIME TO WORSHIP”

Now Is The Time To Worship

I moved here from Guntersville and pastored four churches in that area. One friend called me recently and she was struggling because she felt that several “younger” people were trying to change the worship service to a more contemporary style.  She said, “Chris, several of us don’t like this.”  So, I decided to flip the situation. (She knew I would) “Do you go to church or Burger King?” She asked, “Chris, what do you mean?” I went on to explain that people who are more concerned with a style have done more to lead to a declining church then probably anything else. A consumer mindset at any point is unhealthy. I asked, “Is your church growing?”  She said, “No.”  Sometimes the answers to God’s direction for His church is obvious. Sometimes… not so much.

In Rick Warren’s outstanding book, “The Purpose Driven Church,” He advises us to pay close attention to the needs of new people and place those needs and requests above our own.  Your preferred style of worship is more about your cultural background than your theology (view of God). Here is what I want to get across regarding true worship:  There is no correct style of worship. Never has been. Jesus only gave two requirements for legitimate worship: “God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship Him in Spirit and truth.” (John 4:24). I don’t believe that God tosses and turns at night over a church “style” if we gather to simply honor Him and that they do it all in Spirit and in truth. You know what traditional worship is don’t you? It’s whatever you got used to at some point. Your traditional was at one time someone’s contemporary.

In genuine worship, God’s presence is felt, God’s pardon is offered, God’s purposes are revealed, and God’s power is displayed.

So, we will let others have those kind of church battles. We have bigger fish to fry, like welcoming that new face over there and that new family that just sat down over here and telling them that they are going to love it here!

Until the nets are full,


Pastor’s Corner 6/24/2022 “CALLED TO BATTLE”


I have always heard that a good offense equals a good defense. The church must go on offense now. We can no longer sit here on HWY 11 and assume that this church will grow. I am beginning my third year here now. We have grown…some. For this church to do well at a time when people are not going to church like in years past, we must be deliberate now. We must understand that we are a “sent” people. One early church father said, “If we really believe what the Bible says about heaven and hell then we would go out into our neighborhoods, our streets, and we would invite everyone we know. We would be on the phone at night with our relatives, and we would invite people to our homes to get to know them.” We would invest in new people. A friend of mine was telling me a story about Pastor David Platt’s early vision for the church of Brook Hills. He said Platt was always bold, in fact from the pulpit early on he said, “We are going global with ministry, you might not like that, but this is where we are going, and if you are one of our long time members, if you actually disagree with this vision, at least stay out of “our way”. You talk about bold! I thought I was edgy. There is every reason in the world to stay home, and be quiet and safe; A sagging economy, sickness, political strife, division within the UMC, division within the family unit, hatred at an all-time high, war, social media addiction, and just plain “ole” comfort.  The people of God must now battle. Our way of life is fading. People being taught to live for God is not happening as much now. There will always be pockets of the truly faithful, as we are told that the Light still shines. We are Kingdom citizens; therefore, we do not choose to play it safe when called. We break out and breakthrough. We become the voice in the wilderness. We long to see every seat filled in our church and every chain broken. We smile at Baptisms and tears flow when we see professions of faith. We know the heavens rejoice when one sinner turns and repents. We instruct our children and grandchildren that God has been so faithful to us. We don’t want people to choose Jesus just for heaven, but for here in this life. We know it’s crazy to say that He talks with us and walks with us, but we know that He does. We know that His Spirit guides us continually. We dare to seek to be more like Jesus every day. Let me be clear… Jesus fished for people. We must do the same. This is when we look the most like Him.

It’s on now. It must be.

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” – Matt. 7 :20

NOTE: This post is not done out of desperation, but out of Hope that you will understand what call is before you.

Until the nets are full,