Stay up to date with everything Lakeview is doing in response to the coronavirus. 
    In addition to updates regarding worship & fellowship, we are providing information in an effort to better understand COVID-19.  We will continue to update this page frequently as we have more information to share.


    •  Due to our square footage, we are able to safely worship with our two services

    •  Maintain social distancing guidelines at all times

    •  No gathering, hugs or handshakes

    •  Masks are required to be worn when entering and departing services

    •  Allowance to take off mask once you are in your seat – household families should sit together

    •  Restrooms are for emergencies only – should you use the restroom, please wash hands and wipe counter spaces used


    What is social distancing & why is it important?

    Helpful Instructions & Tutorials On Making A Face Mask

    How to make a mask for children & adults

    How to make an adult face mask with ties