Contemporary Service  1am
Sermon Title:  ” Lord, It’s All Yours!”
Sermon Text: Mark 12: 41-44
This is ” Stewardship Sunday ” for us.
Key Points: One of the most important things a parent can do is to teach their children God’s view of Money.
To the world our text would mean that this lady gave very little. I mean it says that she gave two very small copper coins. But , as we read further, we quickly see God’s view of her giving- all she had to live on. This paints the picture of a proper life view as a Christian. We give it all up for Him who saves. Money, time, and serving others even if we don’t hear a ” Thank You”. A very true statement is that it is more blessed to give than take. Stewardship is not just your money, it’s bigger. It is your money, your time, your talents, your hearts, your gifts, your lives. NOW THAT IS STEWARDSHIP. 100%
Thank you, my friends, for HOW you serve.
Until the nets are full

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