Pastor’s Corner 09/22/2021 “Vision of the Church and it’s Members”

Pastor Chris Herbert

Pastor’s Corner
Week of September 22,2021

Looking forward to a strong ending this year and beyond.  Through prayer God gave me vision that is to be embraced by all. In a Methodist Church, as you probably already know, the Committees run the functions and decisions of the church (except the smaller day to day stuff). The pastor’s largest tasks are prayer and visioning. So, this time of year I enter prayer and begin to cast and talk about vision.  So where are we going from here? I am glad you asked. Here goes:

Each person should ask, am I fruitful?

If you ponder that question, God will put a “yes” or “no” on you heart.   We want a church where everyone can say my life is making an impact.

We should ask what are we for?

Today, people are so quick to talk about what they are against. Why not change the game? I am for Jesus, I am for this call to live our lives for Him. All of us will stand before Him. Have you walked away from things in your life that do not line up with Scripture or with Jesus’ view of Holiness? DO you compromise? We need to have an unwavering faith and not be double minded.

What are we known for?

Committed to Worship
Committed to Encouragement
Committed to Unity

The deep work of Discipleship. Self-denial is a part of that journey. Do you make Disciples who then go out and make disciples?

Serving. We are a serving church.  Do you serve locally and globally. How do you serve locally? Have you been called to foreign Mission work?

Unchartered Territory. Attempt and even risk doing something that has never been done here before.

I am excited to watch us walk together.
Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) Where there is no vision, the people perish.
Focus your attention on these things and these questions.
The future is bright!  Our time is now!  So, nope, we will not perish. We will RISE!

Until the nets are full,


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