Pastor’s Corner 1/17/2022 “Strength in Weakness”

Pastor’s Corner


Weakness. It’s a big deal to Jesus. Even in His birth story, we easily find God’s teaching moment. He sent a baby. Think about that. Nothing weaker physically than a newborn. We have seen so many manger-scene Christmas cards that we have become numb to it. Jesus came to us through ultimate weakness. Think about it, Mary would have been talked about and didn’t have some big job in town. She would have been a “nobody” in a “somebody” town. Mary and Joseph couldn’t even pay for a sacrificial lamb at their child’s birth as required by Levitical law. So really our Prince checked into the world as a pauper and proceeded to grow up in “nothing” land called Nazareth. We love the manger scene, but let’s be real about it, it was a feeding trough for livestock. WEAKNESS. I want to remind you that Good chooses our weaknesses to display his full strength. God never wastes a pain. So, you have had your share of weak moments in your life. Smile because He raises us from such. Just as Mary and Joseph raised a Son who became strong, God is doing this in you now. A friend called and asked about Lakeview, he wanted to know how it was going here. My view is that through God we are becoming strong. After worship, just listen to our people talking and caring about one another. On Wednesday nights, listen to the laughter. The hurting gather and are treasured. Just look at Grief Share. We are family, we are strong, we each have had times of great trials and even weakness, but I believe God has shown us a new day, with new love, new friendships, and new hope. We are becoming strong.

To God be the Glory!


Until the nets are full,


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