Pastor’s Corner 11/1/2022 “THE IMPORTANCE OF BALANCE”

A mentality toward a season is crucial. My poor Auburn Tigers are terrible. I just don’t get fired up anymore. How about the holiday season? Have you ever thought about your approach to the seasons of your life?

I was reading the story of Mary and Martha this week. (John 12: 1-8) We all know the story; a dinner was given to honor Jesus. Martha was busy serving while Mary, well, she was in the group that was reclining at Jesus’ feet. We know that she wiped Jesus’ feet with the perfume with her own hair. This was a sign of deep reflection and honor for her Savior.

A sense of balance is very import for the believer. I have seen many “Marthas” in each church that I have served. “Marys” are there too, but I haven’t seen many people who are both. What am I getting at? I think it’s in our nature to be one or the other. You know up and going a million miles per hour or completely immersed in prayer, appreciation, and reflection.

Are you a good Martha or do you lean your life more toward Mary’s example? There is a time to be up and about “doing” and there is also a time to be immersed in the presence of our King. Which is right? In Luke Chapter 10, Jesus says that Mary has chosen the “good” part in the King James.  In the NIV, Jesus says the word “Better” there. I am more in line with the King James version the word “Good” there.  Something can be good and not better. This is why I believe that balance, having both activities equally in your life is so critical in this season.  So, I believe there is a time for you and me to be busy doing things and there is a time to shut things down so we can hear from our Savior with deep, quiet reflection time.  Try to find your balance. Keep it, hold on to it, and treasure it through the holidays. If you do, you just might find that this is the best season ever.

Until the nets are balanced and full,


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