Pastor’s Corner 11/15/2022 “The Light Shines and Everyone Can See It”

“Well, I just love everybody!” Do you? Do you hear?

What is strong about Lakeview? There are many things that I could write about as I think of you as a church. My short answer would be your love for one another. While it is a strength here, I think there is even more room to improve on this. We have to work in this season to gel better with those who we may struggle with. I love how people are quick to talk about the Spirit with such passion and yet avoid others. Look, people are people and some people just get on our nerves! But… what if the Spirit is blowing your heart to reach out to them, yes the very people who you have struggled to get along with in the past? Would you recognize it? Do you have the courage that it would take to really reach for them?

The soul longs for companionship. Left entirely to itself, it cannot enjoy the fullness of life itself.

God said in the beginning, “It is not good that a man should be alone” (Genesis 2:18). The creation of Eve was the beginning of human companionship. God’s people are a body, not intended to function separately and not intended to not be concerned for one another. Every time I see someone “not get along with so in so” and then they avoid them like the plaque, my first thought is they have missed a commandment. Hey, no different than thou shall not kill, or steal, or have other God’s before Yahweh. Don’t shoot me, I’m just a messenger. While it has gotten popular for the world to talk about “brotherhood and sisterhood”, it is actually really saying, “every person for themselves”.  Let it not be this way here.  Our problem is that we love the thought that God can break down barriers, we just don’t like to be commanded to do it with Him in our own lives.

Where is this coming from? The Lord. He is longing for more cohesiveness within the Church. He is able to move His Body forward in excitement, in unity and in love. Christ alone can bind human hearts together in love and I believe this starts with His Church.

John 13: 35

“By this shall all men know that ye are my Disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

The Light Shines,



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