Pastor’s Corner 11/17/2021 “The Gathering”

Pastor’s Corner

Jesus was often found smack dab in the middle of God’s gathered people, AKA Worship. We know he preached and honored the traditions of the church (the Passover journey each year for example). So, if physically gathering meant a great deal to Jesus, it should mean a great deal to each of us if we are really following Jesus. The church gathers. Notice that I did not say that it watches from the couch each week. Online worship should only be for the disabled and even then, we as a church, should try to get them to the power of physical worship. We should want to love each other so much that we insist on seeing each other in the church. Insist on it.

Welton Gaddy in his jewel of a book titled, “The Gift of Worship” said that he himself “watched people’s spiritual lives shrivel because of a lack of the good experiences of corporate worship.” He continued with this, “A church musician friend of mine became disgusted with the pressure to perform and to please congregations. He quit. Another friend, a preacher, ran out of power- will power and spiritual power. He also quit. Eventually, I came to understand that apart from regular experiences of corporate worship (just physical gathering to be fed and honor God), choirs (or praise teams) can forget why they are singing, and ministers can lose sight of why they are ministering”. From time to time, I will take a Sunday, get someone to preach for me here, and will go and just worship somewhere. Over the years I have picked big churches and small churches. When I get away, I often come back refreshed, and I remember why I do what I do. I also remember the importance of gathering with my church family.

More people are worshipping online now. While it works for someone on a vacation or a shut-in, I do feel we neglect the Jesus model of physical church attendance.

Regular church attendance should be more than two Sundays a month. It’s hard to be fed green grass if you’re not consistently where it grows. When I visit over churches, I am reminded of something my old pastor said one time, “Grass isn’t green somewhere else, it’s greener where you water it consistently”.

I’ll see you Sunday. Yes, in worship.



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