Pastor’s Corner 11/8/2022 “Put on the new self”

Put on the new self…  Ephesians 4:24a.  Will you serve your worries or your Lord?  Last week, I finished my class Wednesday night. I did a twelve-week study on the basics of our faith, and I decided to finish about Christian maturity. In these days of wondering where Lakeview is headed, or where the Denomination is headed, or even on an individual scale as to where your life is headed, or will I get a promotion, or will my job cease to exist, or what will the economy do, or food prices going up are you guilty of not focusing on Jesus?

What many people are asking with all this worry is: What will tomorrow look like? You see here is a truth today, everyone is so focused on tomorrow. Jesus talked about us not maturing our faith by focusing too much on tomorrow specifically on the troubles that tomorrow may or may not bring. You see, I have a caution for the church in these days: Don’t neglect the blessing of these days.

I just preached on “Seasons.” Don’t focus your life or even walk with Jesus on tomorrow, focus on improving your life today. No one is talking like this anymore. We expect perfect love to come to us sometime, you know, “out there” in the future instead of walking in this perfect love given to us today. Satan will work overtime now to get you, yes you, the church, to focus on “what will happen” instead of embracing what has happened. So really it boils down to worry about the future in your head and heart versus walking in the promises and blessings of God today. Well, we had some tension, here or there. Good! Tension when embraced can grow you today! Iron never sharpens itself but is sharpened by tension.

It is the same with encouragement. We can lift one another with something positive today! We can choose to live this way!  Who do you need to encourage? Who do you need to not listen to anymore because they are on a negative path that is overly focused on tomorrow? The devil is a liar and while he is real, I just don’t give him credit by acting like he is around every corner. He can rob you of today if you are fearful and unaware of his tactics and not prayed up against them. It’s ok to ask God to keep you positive and encouraging to others today! I have done a lot of hospital visits over the years. One thing is commonly said by people to me who are dying: “I wish I had more time.”  Today is a precious gift. Enjoy it. Make a difference today.  So, in summary, your view is now either caught up in the glorious riches of God today or negativity has you consumed by tomorrow’s worries. “Well pastor, what if!” Don’t bring me what ifs, bring me what is! Here is what is:  God is still on the throne, He is still sovereign, and He still loves us, and today is still a gift.  “Well, what about….” There you go again. You can soar with eagles or sour with chickens. The choice today… is yours.


Choose Ye this day…  I’ve made my choice for I am a new creation today,


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