Pastor’s Corner 12/1/2021 “Movements and Moments”

Pastor’s Corner

I was reading Deuteronomy 5:23-33. What hit me was how many times in Holy Scripture we see that movements start with moments. Moses wrote about a voice in the darkness and how the leaders and elders gathered. Moses had another moment when the Lord spoke to him and told Moses to tell the leaders to return to their tents. Moses was told to stay and have another moment with the Lord. This is a clue that God is showing us that He longs for moments with you. Quiet times where He wishes to softly speak to your heart. Have you had any moments with the Lord lately? Do you deliberately set time to meet with God? If so, what is the fruit in your life from such moments with God? If there is a thread throughout God’s story, as revealed in Scripture,the thread could be that movements start with moments. Notice I didn’t say movements start with a church’s programs, music, preaching, smiles, and warm hugs. While all of those things are awesome here at Lakeview,(well, so so preaching) those things in and of themselves will not launch God movements in your life or in your church.  I would say that God has done more through His people today through those obedient moments of quiet time. What does a movement look like? ACTIONS such as SERVING others because you simply care. So, have you had a moment with God lately? How is he calling you to serve? I would go so far as to say that some of the best servants that I have seen here, have had their share of moments with God.

Movements start with moments. It’s as old as time.

Until the nets are full,


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