Pastor’s Corner 5/16/2022 “HOW WILL YOU DO ON YOUR FINAL?”


My daughters just finished finals and can breathe a little. If you were taking a class and the professor said, “You must study this as it will be on your final.”  I am sure that you would concentrate on whatever the professor said was “this.”  You would intently focus on the task.  What if this whole life were just a test?  God has given us something to focus on. Something that we know will be on our “final.”  As believers, we have been given an assignment. We see this fact in Scripture. In other words, you were put on earth to contribute. You weren’t created to just take. The “consumer” mentality has invaded our churches. God designed you to move beyond, simply being a good person. He calls us to step into our faith journey where the focus is on adding to people’s lives. Now if you are reading this and you have no desire to serve others or really if you have no desire to get more involved, then maybe it’s time to question whether you really are in Christ. I have seen many good people approach the church with an       “I don’t want to get my hands dirty” view and when they do help, they view it as a duty, with little joy.  In Matthew Chapter 8, Jesus is on a “healing kick”.  In verse 14, He came to Peter’s house. He entered that house to help someone. He sees Peter’s mother-in-law lying in bed with a fever. Now to verse 15, He touched her hand and the fever left. What did she do next? She got up and began to serve Him. This was her direct reaction to her Jesus. The church is the Body of Christ. Have you been redeemed? How are you serving Him? How are you helping His Body here on earth?  What is your reaction to your Jesus? My dad said that in life there are “givers and takers.” You may have heard that saying from a parent or grandparent at some point in your life. Dad was onto something big! Just maybe this is Matthew 25: 31-46 lived out. In this story, we see that Jesus will separate the pretenders from those who were loyal to the King’s cause. To those who are His sheep, He will say “come, you who are blessed by my Father, take your inheritance.”

Who is the king? The Lord.

What is His Body?  The church.

Who is the Body? YOU ARE.

I pray that great is your reward.

I pray that you focus on your assignment. 

Until the nets are full,


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