Pastor’s Corner 7/14/2022

  Pastor’s Corner

When I went to Knoxville, Tennessee recently to move my oldest daughter there for school, the first question we asked was, “where are we going to worship on Sunday?”  So, Emma, Ashley, and I loaded up and went to a church close to her apartment. I suddenly felt like we were being drawn to a place where the Lord was doing something. We had three people walk in front of our car as we were trying to park. Do these people not see that we are visitors? We then walked in the building and eight people welcomed me and this was before I made it to their sanctuary.  The people were genuinely happy to be welcoming others. You could tell there was love and excitement on every face. They had a hospitality team that was laser focused on this place being the best place for you to be on a Sunday morning. I felt their joy and it wasn’t just for first time visitors either, they joyfully welcomed everyone. They had coffee, but more than that, they had about forty people that wanted us and everyone else there. I once led a conference on being a welcoming church. I spoke specifically on radical hospitality. This was the picture in my mind.  Do you really believe that Lakeview is a place that the Lord has chosen to thrive?

I was reading about the festivals in in Deuteronomy. A festival is a celebration of something that the Lord has done, is doing, and will do there for His people in the future. It’s a celebration of a faithful God.   Is that what our gathering for worship is here?

It says the following:

Duet. 16:14a “be joyful at your festival”.   We are then told to celebrate, everyone.  If our worship is right, then our hands will reap a harvest and our joy will be complete. (Vs 15)

Are you joyful? Excited about the future?  Are you excited to be here on Sunday mornings?

You should be.  “Joy” is a word that is on me right now.  It is a joy for me to serve here.

It’s also a joy to see each of you on Sunday mornings.  The people at that church got it. We get it.  Be excited because God is up to something incredible here. I can see it on each face.

Emma told us on the phone that she went back to that church. She was then invited to a Bible study by two girls her age.

I am so thankful.

Until Sunday mornings are full,


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