What is Hope?

I am here, therefore I have great hope. Have you ever just stopped and said,

“Lord, I will bloom where I am planted? A farmer has hope. Hope to me is the expectation of good things to come. The ground is tilled, the seeds are planted and then what happens? The farmer waits, tends to land, but mostly waits.  Crops never come from forcing things. Some of the best harvests occur after one is still. Think about it, no one plants a garden and then keeps on plowing the ground. You must wait, you have to let things lie still, let seeds break open and spin their roots downward, and slowly push their stems upward. You must let earth, sky, and rain do what they do. It is no different for us. Most people don’t have the fullness of a walk with Jesus each day because they don’t get still. Now the other side, is some people have a stagnant walk because they are just still all the time. (Not really, but you get the point).  In every church I have pastored, I have seen some people never really lock in. They just jump from church to church. They like the idea of having a church family, but they never really open and make the church their family. The pattern is usually the same; they usually have a few people that they don’t care for, they come to a bible study sometimes and they never are very consistent with Sunday morning worship. If Sunday morning is not a priority and a focus for them, they may develop a reputation for being alive, but they really aren’t. God honors our lives when we gather for him in a worship setting. There is an incredible harvest happening here. Make sure that you have balance in your journey here. Get still more often. God in Revelation Chapter 3 says, “Wake Up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die”.

So how do you strengthen?  Get still.  Get involved.  Make Sunday morning Worship a priority.  And wait with expectation.  Lakeview, the harvest has just begun. This is where we are. Be ready to encourage those new souls that come here and those souls around you in other areas of your life. Make friendships and be a welcoming friend for them.  In Psalm 46, it’s still and know.  Look at the order here. You will never see or know this harvest is upon us meaning right now if you haven’t first been still. This church will continue to grow, for the Lord is in her and she will not fail (Also in This Psalm). This church is going to the deep and we continue to grow. As we do, make sure that your priorities are right and that you are blooming where you have been planted and that you don’t force things. This is how you will be strengthened.

Until the nets are full,


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