Pastor’s Corner 9/13/2022 “Wounded”


Wounds… we all have them. I mean they are a very real part of life. There are different wounds and different levels of severity in our wounds. Isaiah said,” by His wounds… we are healed.”  But can our wounds actually be there to bring healing and a much deeper intimacy with God? When something tragic happens to someone, the person either draws closer to God or further away. I have seen both responses.

I think I have my answer to the above question. The wounds we inflict and the wounds inflicted on us ultimately find their mark, literally find their mark, on Christ: “see the marks on my hands. Put your hand there. “Jesus: These wounds we give and receive are gathered into the wounds He took. So if we think like this, we can almost hear Isaiah now! “By His wounds … we are healed.”

Mark Buchannon in His book titled, “Your God is Too Safe” wrote that we actually gave those wounds to our Jesus. We lunged the spear, brandished the hammer, lashed the whip, pressed down the thorns. We did it. By the wounds we inflicted, we are healed.  Is there a theme here? That our wounds can become His wounds? I think so!

“I want to know Christ, “Paul declares, “and the power of His resurrection.” To which we all say, “Amen!” But notice something, Paul doesn’t stop there… we see more:” and in the fellowship of His sufferings.”

Say what? Sharing in sufferings? Nah, I’ll take the easy life. Give me this quick rise, not the pain which leads me there!

Here is a hard, healing truth for you and me:  Wounds are, in Christ’s economy a means of God’s wooing. It is the strange kiss of God, the exact reverse of the Judas kiss. A kiss to restore and not betray. I want you to see that it’s through the pain, that road, that becomes the narrow way that leads us to a unique intimacy with God, the suffering servant.  Take one step toward God with your wounds and He will take two towards you.  You cannot eliminate your past or my past. Scars are real. Thank God that Jesus doesn’t ever take away the scars. One way we recognize our Jesus will be by His scars. He wears them like badges of honor, so should you. This is when you will know …. That you have been healed.

I can’t wait to hug my Jesus… scars and all.

Until the nets are healed,



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