Pastor’s Corner 9/21/2022 “OUTTA THIS WORLD LOVE”


Do you have any idea how much Jesus loves you? I think a lot of times pastors or other
leaders in the church would ask something like this: “If you died today, do you know if
you will go to heaven?” While that is a great “destination” question, I don’t think that is
a very good place to start your journey. I learned John 3:16 by heart as a little kid. “For
God so loved the world…” But have you ever boiled that down to you as an individual
person? I think the healthiest place to go early is also the place we should go often.
Now if I look at John 3:16 there is a word there that I have to go deeper with. The word
is “so.” For God SOOOOOOOOO loved the world. It doesn’t say “for God loved SOME in
the world,” no, it says that He SO loved. You are so loved by Jesus. So, loved. Maybe the
best question for us today should not be the “if you died today” … but rather a simple
do you know right now that Jesus loves you. YES YOU! Maybe your love for Him would
increase, maybe you would take this all more seriously, if you pondered that fact that
Jesus just flat out loves YOU! Let me give you a verse of Scripture to go look up and
spend a few minutes in meditation on: John 15:9
“As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you.” SO, what this is saying is that Jesus
loves YOU as much as His Father, the Lord, loves HIM. Come on Jesus, that much? I have
days where I flounder. I am up one day or a few days and then bam! My joy seems to
take a real hit. I am doing better on my down days now. Why? Because I am going to
John 15:9
Jesus loves you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. You, yes you! I sooooooooooooo want
you to see that. He loves me that much. SO If the Lord, loves His only Son as much as He
does and He loves me that much, than you have to throw this thought in there, that God
sees your trials, He loves you in them, just as much as He loved Jesus on the cross and
He, one day will welcome you home just as you are meaning with the same love that he
has for His Son. So, pull up your bootstraps, for YOU are LOVED greatly!

Until the nets are full,

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