Special Announcement from Pastor Chris


December 6, 2022

Dear Lakeview Family                                                                                                                                                                                                        

On Tuesday Night, November 29, 2022, our Admin Board voted for me to contact our District Superintendent to schedule a Called Church Conference. This is a meeting with the DS officiating to request all membership to vote specifically on leaving or staying in the UMC. If you are a member on our roll, you have a vote coming, so show up. I have been advised by our DS on Monday morning that even staff people who are members of Lakeview also vote. I have advised them of this. Our Administrative Board also voted for me to build a Task Force to investigate options for our church as we move into the future. I was given the green light, so I wanted to ask for volunteers from the Board first, andthen for me to ask for members at large after that. I have now put this team together. This team will meet and will explore several options that may be a good fit for this church if the membership votes to leave the UMC. The Task Force will investigate the options, and then present to our Board at a date in the future, but not until the Task Force work is done.

Tonight, we have a Night of Prayer for the church at 6:30pm and a second one is December 12, 2022, at 6:30pm. I hope you can make it.

I want to summarize some functions/actions:

I have submitted a summary of the Lakeview actions to date to the Office of Our District Superintendent as required and have communicated our processes.

It is the church membership who decides if we stay UMC or Leave. This will be done by a vote in the Church Conference Meeting with our District Superintendent officiating. The date has been given to me and it will beFebruary 5, 2023, at 10am. The date selected was based on the availability of our District Superintendent, Rick Owen.

The Task Force will report to the Admin Board several options or what I call landing places once their work is done. This will not be done until their work is completed as there is a much to this.

It’s the Admin Board who decides where Lakeview will land if leaving the UMC is the outcome of the Feb. 5th vote. Therefore, the Task Force reports to the Board. The task force could have been our Board, but we wanted this group of people to do diligent investigative work. If their work is complete prior to Feb. 5th, they will include staying in the UMC in their overall presentation. If it is after Feb. 5th, they will not, as that part will already be decided. What else do I want to say at this point? If you are a member, clear your calendar now.



Simple summary:

Membership will vote to decide Stay or Go. (Feb. 5th @10am) NOTE: A 2/3 rds. vote of those in attendance on this day is required to leave the UMC.

Admin Board will decide where Lakeview will go or “land” (ifnecessary). This will be a simple majority vote by the Board at a later date.

From even prior to the straw polls forward, the leaders have navigated this challenging time well, in fact, to the best of our ability.  


Until the nets are full,


Chris Herbert


Jer. 29:11


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