Pastor’s Corner 10/6/2021 “Prayer is your most potent weapon”

     Pastor’s Corner

 When life presents its toughest challenges and fears mount inside of us, wisdom can be hard to find. We often get blinded by the immediate problems; panic and our emotions can cloud our judgement and our long-term vision.

It’s all too easy to feel trapped. But that’s when we need the wisdom to pray more than ever. That’s when it’s time to “go to the throne not the phone,” as Joyce Meyer once said. (I love that!)

Prayer is your most potent weapon. In the sixteenth century, when the Scottish pastor John Knox was imprisoned, it was reported that Mary, Queen of Scots, said, “I fear John Knox’s prayers more than an army of ten thousand men.”

Prayer has great and genuine power. Let’s be real, it’s not easy to pray for someone or a situation. It is one of the harder callings for the Christian life because the flesh is strong. 

Do it anyway.  Jesus did.


Until the nets are full,